Juliet Davidow, PhD

Dr. Juliet Davidow joined the Psychology Department as an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University in 2020, and established the Learning and Brain Development Lab. She earned her BA in Psychology from New York University and PhD in Psychology from Columbia University. She trained as a postdoc at Harvard University, and has also conducted research at UCLA and Weill-Cornell Medical College. The research at the Learning and Brain Development Lab bridges classic areas in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Computer Science.

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Alina Quach
PhD Student
Alina graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Psychology. As an undergraduate, she worked in the Laboratory of Neurocognitive Development with Dr. Beatriz Luna and studied the development of inhibitory control in youth at risk for substance use. After graduating, she spent two years as a Postbaccalaureate Research Fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health. There, she worked in the Laboratory of Brain and Cognition with Alex Martin to study remote autobiographical memory retrieval. Currently, Alina is interested in studying how different memory and learning processes interact to guide novel decision-making across development. Outside of the lab, Alina likes to drink too much coffee, embroider, and nap with her cat.

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Haley Hegefeld
Research Coordinator
Haley graduated from Yale University in 2020 with a BS in Psychology. As an undergraduate, she worked in the Clinical Affective Neuroscience & Development Lab with Dr. Dylan Gee, where she completed her thesis on the use of acceptance to reduce anxiety in daily life. She also worked in the Social Cognitive Development Lab with Dr. Yarrow Dunham studying how children think about the social groups around them. She plans to pursue graduate studies in development and psychopathology. Outside of the lab, Haley enjoys dancing, cooking new recipes, and watching lots of movies at local theaters.

Juliette Cornelis
Undergraduate Volunteer
Juliette is a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology with a minor in Health Psychology. She is deeply interested in how computer science, artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to improve our understanding of human development and be used in diagnosing and developing treatment for psychological disorders. After graduation she plans on pursuing graduate school for Psychology. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her dogs, cooking, and exploring new parts of Boston.

Maddy Hammell
Undergraduate Volunteer
Maddy is a first-year student at Northeastern majoring in behavioral neuroscience and minoring in art. Currently, she is helping to conduct research surrounding development and the retroactive impact of reward on memory. After graduation, she is hoping to attend medical school and pursue a career in pediatric psychology, while continuing to focus on the neurological processes that contribute to learning. In her free time, Maddy spends a lot of time in bookstores and coffee shops, and she loves to paint and draw!

Mirabelle Khazei
Undergraduate Volunteer
Mirabelle is a second-year student at Tufts University majoring in Biopsychology. She volunteers with an organization called Eye to Eye which is a mentoring and tutoring program for students with learning disabilities. Mirabelle is interested in the neuroscience of learning and development to increase accessibility for her students and for people who learn differently. In her free time, Mirabelle enjoys creative pursuits such as ceramics and costume design. 

Anika Kopczynski
Undergraduate Volunteer
Anika is a second-year undergraduate student studying Behavioral Neuroscience at Northeastern University. She has previously conducted and written up her own research that investigated the ties between sugar consumption and cognition in adolescents. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a graduate degree.

Rishi Kudaravalli
Undergraduate Volunteer
Rishi is a second-year student at Northeastern University majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience with a minor in Art. Previously, she worked at York College with Dr. Lesley Emtage studying the aggregation of the Huntingtin protein in yeast cells. She is a certified EMT and enjoys the hands-on experience it provides. She plans on continuing this work in Boston and applying to medical school after graduation. In her free time, Rishi loves to paint, dance, and try all the best taco places in Boston.

Victoria McCray
Honors Thesis Student
Victoria is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Data Science. Victoria has previously worked with physio data in the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab and qualitative data in the Phonology and Reading Lab on campus. Victoria also completed a co-op at Insulet Corporation supporting user experience research for automated insulin delivery systems. In the LBDL Lab, her honors project investigates changes in the nervous system associated with psychosis and cannabis use.


Bridget Ho
Outreach Developer/Undergraduate Volunteer
Bridget is an undergraduate student studying Psychology at Northeastern University minoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and Biology. She has previously volunteered at Dr. Hall’s Social Interaction Lab, where she investigated behavioral mediation of social interactions. After graduation, she plans on exploring multiple aspects of psychology and neuroscience.

Ian O’Shea
Directed Study Student
Ian is a Behavioral Neuroscience student at Northeastern University in his 4th year. He has done clinical work at Norristown State Hospital with mostly schizophrenic individuals, and plans on moving forward in psychiatry after graduation. His research experience includes working with Deepu Murty and Lauren Ellman at Temple University investigating novelty and learning in a population at risk for psychosis.

Win Vu
Directed Study Student
Win is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with a Pre-med track at Northeastern. He previously volunteered at Dr. Berent’s phonology lab conducting experiments with Russian speakers. He’s interested in many parts of psychology and is still trying to figure out his focus. He plans to apply to medical school after graduating to go into psychiatry. In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends and go to dance workshops; but since it’s quarantine season, he also enjoys watching Youtube videos at home with his dog Zoom.

Jing Wen Ren
Directed Study Student
Jing is in her final year at Northeastern University, pursuing a degree in Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience. Jing helped Juliet Davidow launch the Learning and Brain Development Lab and has continued to work on a project examining how perceptions about social status shape learning across adolescence. Previously, she worked at the Crickmore Lab at Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital studying the biomolecular mechanisms that underlie interval timing in neurons using Drosophila as an animal model. Afterwards, she worked on a project in the Whitfield-Gabrieli Lab at Northeastern aimed at detecting biomarkers for psychosis. Jing has also been an Americorp member partnered with Jumpstart for three years – implementing early childhood curriculum in pre-schools located in the communities surrounding Northeastern. Jing loves to cook and share very spicy dishes and you can find her zooming down Huntington Avenue on her bike with a yoga mat on her shoulder.